The Truth About Job Recruiters

Job recruiters need to be able to screen, find and send potential employees quickly to their employers. They should also be able to work with varying clients at once. There are different recruiters amongst them internal recruiters.   They head hunt the best person but they do not get commission for it since they are in-house employees.  Third-party recruiters get commissions either after the position is filled up or those that are paid even if the position is not filled.

The role of a job recruiter is to find a suitable employee for a vacant position. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of a recruiter to a corporation.


  • Background check
  • Saves time
  • Internal job recruiters
  • Tests the skills of potential employees
  • They screen potential employees
  • Good for high level positions


  • Lack of quality control
  • High placement fees which ranges from 15% to 30% of the employees annual salary. Sometimes the fee the fee is a one-time payment but the corporation pays only if the employee remains in the corporation
  • They are good only for large organisations who need high level positions
  • Third party job recruiters are only good for technical, middle management and professional ranges. This is a limitation as large corporations cannot use their services.
  • Control over the hiring process since the corporation does not participate in the interviewing and testing time so it is easy to get the wrong employee

Just like corporations, job seekers can also use the recruiters to find work. The following are the advantages of using recruiters to find employment.

  • Interview tips
  • Recruiters provide career advice which at times includes helping you to improve your CV
  • Job database
  • Zero cost to the employee
  • More searches since the recruiter can access you resume on the webpage set up for you
  • Access to more positions than newspaper listings since sometimes recruiters save on advertising costs by using headhunting to find a suitable employee
  • The recruiters help potential employees to set up web pages with their resumes. This helps potential employers to find them

Disadvantages of recruiters to job seekers

  • Privacy laws
  • Place CV’s on database
  • Recruiters do not call back at all times
  • They receive thousands of resumes so they give little attention to each CV
  • They work for a company
  • Concentrate on high level jobs Kilkenny at most times

A corporation and a job seeker need to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of depending on a recruiter to find a job or a potential employee. If the benefits outweigh the disadvantages, then they should use the recruiter.

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