Welcome, baby!


Resurrects in AsheVegas, NC!

Friday, July 25th at Orange Peel, 8:00pm

and Saturday, July 26th at the Mothlight, 9:30 pm

Buy tickets at www.theorangepeel.net and www.themothlight.comĀ 




Telly Savalas Live


Tressa's Jazz and Blues

28 Broadway
Asheville, NC

WSJ and Telly Savalas Take Manhattan

Read it here...

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    Undead Telly Savalas

    • This Saturday, see Undead Telly Savalas challenge Reigning Sound (Official) over who reigns supreme in... http://t.co/jioZq6qaPD - 2 months ago
    • Telly and his AsheVegas piano man, Buddy Hanlahan, at The Double Crown. http://t.co/ivGgZD5ICp - 4 months ago
    • Prediction: A brand new, undead Telly Savalas sighting will happen in Ashevegas, NC. Tressa's Downtown Jazz &... http://t.co/5gdmbYtC2L - 4 months ago
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